04/23/2015 01:15 pm ET | Updated Apr 23, 2015

Giraffes Dominate The High Dive In This Mesmerizing Animated Short

All the thrill of Coney Island diving horses, none of the animal-welfare concerns: this glorious animation, "5 Métres 80," directed by Nicolas Deveaux at Cube Creative Productions, has it all. Plus, giraffes' slinky necks are clearly made for graceful dives and midair acrobatics.

You may remember Deveaux from his acclaimed 2004 short animation, "7 Tonnes 2," which depicted an elephant performing high-flying gymnastic tricks on a trampoline. The giraffe-focused video, released in 2013, was a follow-up to the elephant short.

We highly recommend that you watch every second of this stunning video, which is simultaneously ridiculous (giraffes performing diving tricks!) and touching (tinkling music plays as a giraffe softly snuffles at a camera!). While the dives performed are, yes, fantastical, the so-natural-it-seems-real movement of the animals makes you almost believe in the impossible.

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