04/23/2015 03:11 pm ET | Updated Apr 23, 2015

Obama Asks Gronk To Please Keep His Shirt On At The White House

When President Barack Obama welcomed the New England Patriots at the White House on Thursday to celebrate the team's Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks, he had a special request for tight end Rob Gronkowski.

"He's not making rabbit ears back there?" Obama said of the 6'6" Gronkowski, who has spent the off-season chugging beer at the Pats' victory parade, twerking in Miami and driving around on his personal party bus. "I told him to keep his shirt on."

"He asked me what would happen if he took it off," Obama continued. "I said, 'Secret Service probably wouldn't like it.' He said, 'What can they do to me?'"

It appeared, however, that Gronk did honor the president's request.

Watch the video above.


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