04/28/2015 02:53 pm ET

Disney Villains' Teenage Kids Get Wicked In 'Descendants' Trailer

What happens to Disney villains after the heroes get their happily-ever-afters? Apparently, some of them have kids.

“Descendants,” an upcoming Disney Channel original movie directed by Kenny Ortega, focuses on four Disney villains and their teenage children: Jafar’s son Jay, the Evil Queen’s daughter Evie, Cruella de Vil’s son Carlos and Maleficent’s daughter Mal.

The mini villains are chosen to go to a prep school with the kids of the good-hearted Disney characters like Mulan and the Fairy Godmother. Based on the trailer, the movie includes magic, dancing and classic characters of the past -- both good and evil.

You can check out all the devilish goodness when “Descendants” premieres this summer.

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