04/28/2015 04:35 pm ET | Updated Apr 28, 2015

'Mad Men' Fans Started To Like Stan Rizzo After He Smoked Pot, According To Jay R. Ferguson

"Mad Men" actor Jay R. Ferguson told HuffPost Live that his character Stan Rizzo first came to the show as a "smug pig," but he saw a big shift in fan's reactions after one specific change.

"Once [the writers] allowed him to go full hippie, that endeared him to a lot of the audience," Ferguson told host Ricky Camilleri on Monday. "I think the weed-smoking does wonders for making the audience fall in love with you, I tell you what. More than anything else, it seems."

Stan is just one of the many "Mad Men" characters we've seen engaging in illicit substances, and Ferguson said fans "absolutely, without question" started to like Stan once they saw him toking. The reaction has been so positive, in fact, that Ferguson said fans sometimes approach him asking to smoke a bowl together.

Ferguson said he always answers the same way: "My response is, 'I've got three kids.'"

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  • 1. Jon Hamm/Don Draper
    "Be slick. Be glib. Be you," Roger Sterling told Don in season four. He forgot "Be an alcoholic, womanising, advertising genius"... but no matter. For the fact remains: 'Mad Men' introduced us to Jon Hamm - and for that, all of womankind will be forever grateful.
  • What do women want, Jon?
  • They want to do this to you.
  • 2. Elisabeth Moss/Peggy Olson
    Using her talent and smarts to rise from humble secretary to copy chief, the driven, complex Peggy is arguably the show's greatest female role model.
  • And who can forget "I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana"? Not us!
  • Go Peggy!
  • 3. Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway
    Like Peggy, the sex bomb that is Joan worked her way up the corporate ladder - and words cannot express how much we're going to miss watching Christina Hendricks in action. Not least because she uses her eyes like this...
  • ...like this...
  • ...and like this...
  • ...and leaves a room like this.
  • 4. The fashion
    The men's impeccable suits. The women's impeccable party wear. Yes, the coveted clothes in 'Mad Men' have taken us from 1960 to the early 1970s...
  • Via Betty's ice queen, Grace Kelly style...
  • Joan's sassy pencil skirts...
  • ...(and sassy dresses)...
  • And the men's dapper suits and (occasionally bow) ties.
  • Oh, and there's the hats.
  • Never forget the hats.
  • No you don't, Roger. You look like cool advertising guys in hats.
  • 5. The drinking
    The whiskies! The cocktails! The drinking at work! Naturally, we're not going to condone the smoking in 'Mad Men', but the drinking...
  • ...well, that's a little harder to resist.
  • No. No, you're not, Peggy.
  • (Let's allow Roger to explain.)
  • 6. The design
    The offices, the homes, the bars... and the furniture in all those offices, homes and bars. Whatever the scene setting, 'Mad Men' just looks so gosh darn wonderful.
  • In fact, the show's attention to detail even evokes nostalgia for orange sofas. Orange sofas!
  • It's amazing, really, that they let Jon Hamm destroy any of it.
  • Careful, Jon!
  • 7. The music
    The music in 'Mad Men' is, as one commentator put it,"true to the story, true to the characters and true to life." From Acker Bilk to Frank Sinatra, 'The Twist' to 'Zou Bisou Bisou', the musical choices are perfect...
  • ...and also a reminder that people really should start dancing like this again.
  • And like this.