04/29/2015 10:47 am ET | Updated Apr 29, 2015

Michigan Atheist Sets Up 'Reason Station' After Hard-Fought Lawsuit

The Washington Post via Getty Images

WARREN, Mich. (AP) - An atheist man has finally set up an informational booth promoting free thought and use of reason after winning a lawsuit to have it inside Warren City Hall.

Sixty-nine-year-old Douglas Marshall was initially denied by the city to have the booth.

He sued the city and its mayor last year, and a federal judge in February ordered the city to allow Marshall to set up a "reason station." Since city hall welcomes "prayer stations" that are run by churches, the judge said Marshall's "reason station" should be allowed, too.

Marshall plans to set up his reason station weekly with pamphlets that advocate for logic and separation of church and state. The Detroit Free Press reports that a prayer station was set up steps away from Marshall's booth Tuesday.

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