04/29/2015 02:25 pm ET | Updated Apr 29, 2015

Here's What 'Back To The Future 2' Would Look Like If Doc & Marty Came To The REAL 2015

"Roads? Where we're going we ... still need roads."

Thanks to this sketch made by the good people at The Shorty Awards, we have a pretty good idea of what would have happened if Doc Brown and Marty McFly had made it to the actual 2015 in "Back To The Future 2."

Unfortunately, there are no hoverboards, flying cars, self-lacing shoes or holographic billboards. And, even more unfortunately, our most impressive invention -- the smartphone -- isn't making us any smarter. But hey! Marty doesn't even have to change his clothes now that "normcore" is in style. And today's music does sort of sound like a robot having a stroke. So, we've got that going for us.


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