Vietnam Veteran's Remastered Photos Give A Remarkable Glimpse Of War

04/30/2015 03:42 pm ET | Updated Apr 30, 2015

It's been 40 years since the Fall of Saigon, and many are reflecting on the changes that came about because of the Vietnam War.

Veteran James Loesch recently shared remastered photos showing his time in Vietnam. The images capture how Loesch, who was 20 when he arrived in Vietnam, was changed after a year in the war-torn country.

See some of Loesch's photos below:

  • James Loesch/Caters News
    Pictured: James Loesch. A former soldier has shared his re-mastered photos from the Vietnam war where he spent over a year between 1967 and 1968. James Loesch, now 68, spent his first few weeks in Phu Loi, South Vietnam with the 128th AHC Assault Helicopter Company and later joined the 335th Assault Helicopter Company as a gunship crew chief. He documented his year in a series of photos where he went from a fresh-faced recruit to someone hardened by the nature of the war.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    Soldiers surrounding Henry Fonda.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    Soldiers surrounded by children after landing.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    James as a rookie crew chief.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    A Chinook helicopter rescuing a damaged one.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    James Loesch cleaning and inspecting tail boom.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    James and children in a village.
  • James Loesch/Caters News
    James now, with his wife Judy.

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