Superhero Kid Gives President Obama Super Awesome Fist Bump

05/04/2015 12:16 pm ET | Updated May 12, 2015

Barack Obama taking off from his lawn in a helicopter is cool, but the kid superhero who sent him off might be cooler.

On Saturday, 4-year-old Luca Martinez gave the president a proper sendoff with a fist bump before he boarded Marine One.

luca martinez obama

Luca’s father, Pablo, is an Associated Press photographer and took his son to the South Lawn to see the helicopter up close, CNN reports. Luca dressed for the big event by wearing a superhero outfit and goggles, and his super powers caught the attention of the president.

Obama spotted Luca in the press area as he was walking across the lawn and stopped to give him his signature greeting -- with an added exploding fist -- before taking off in the chopper.

luca martinez obama

luca martinez

What a chill Saturday.

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