05/06/2015 10:32 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

LGBT Wellness Roundup: May 5

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices, in a partnership with blogger Scout, LGBT HealthLink and researcher Susana Fajardo, brings you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness visit our page dedicated to the topic here.

  • 1 If You’re A Gay Man You Should Know About This One Cancer
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    A recent study of gay and bi men found that 69% had HPV, which can cause genital warts, and 42% of the people with HPV had high-risk HPV, a major cause of anal cancer. These rates are scarily high! Luckily, there is a vaccine for people under 26, so we need to spread that news. Whatever your age, keep that condom on.
  • 2 Communication A Problem For Cervical Cancer Screenings
    A new study looking at cervical cancer screenings for black queer women found patient-provider communication to be a problem. The study authors recommended that doctors take time to get to know patients, not make judgments or assumptions, and get more training in our health issues. Really, all doctors could use this advice.
  • 3 The Smoking Gun On Why We Smoke More
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    We know LGBT people smoke at rates 50% higher than others, but research on why has been scarce. Well, a new study sheds very interesting light on this issue. A study of gay and bi men shows those with sexual minority related traumas were more likely to smoke; if you had 1, 2, 3, or 4 traumas, your odds of smoking were 1.7, 2.2, 2.9, and 6.9 times higher respectively. Sadly, 60% of the sample had experienced sexual minority related trauma, so this could be the smoking gun on why we smoke.
  • 4 LGBT Health Research Rarer Than Hen’s Teeth at NIH
    A new study highlighted how of the 78,827 NIH funded research projects in 2012, only 26 focused on LGB non-HIV health. (While this builds on an older study that included T, this one only examined LGB). Plus, 20 of the 27 institutes and centers at NIH awarded no funding in this area at all in 2012. This is a loud counterpoint to a new oped by National Cancer Institute staff entitled "Small Is Essential: Importance of Subpopulation Research In Cancer Control." So, it seems everyone agrees we need to do more subpopulation research, we think having NIH include LGBT researchers in their career development initiatives is a great first step.
  • 5 Cooking With Drag Queens
    Do you eat out too much? Love drag queens? We’ve got the series for you! Cooking with Drag Queens, a new Youtube series, is here to teach everyone new skills to keep you eating at home, where we know the food is usually healthier. It’s like Julia Child meets RuPaul!
  • 6 After Jenner, Even Playboy Is Covering Trans Issues With Respect
    This was a historic week for the visibility of trans people, which means it’s a historic week for our health. Jenner’s interview on ABC set a new standard for vulnerability that helped silence many bigots. There’s been a lot of media coverage, but we especially like these two signs of how times are changing: first, an article on how late-night comedians are changing to respectful trans jokes, and second, an article on how to talk respectfully about trans issues in -- of all places -- Playboy Magazine.