05/06/2015 04:10 pm ET | Updated May 07, 2015

NFL Reacts To Patriots 'Deflategate' Verdict On Twitter

Tom Pennington via Getty Images

"Deflategate" is months old, but following Wednesday's incriminating report on the Patriots, it has only just begun.

The NFL concluded in a new report that New England Patriots personnel "more probably than not" intentionally deflated the team's footballs ahead of last year's AFC title game between the Patriots and the Colts.

While the months-long investigation singled out Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as being "at least generally aware" of the actions, here's what others around the league have had to say:

Some responses were humorous:

Some bemused:

Some contemplative:

Some exasperated:

And some who weren't the least bit surprised:

There was at least one (quasi) haiku:

And Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski chose not to use words:


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