'Women's Swimsuits Through History' Video Shows Just How Much Fashion Has Changed

05/12/2015 03:14 pm ET | Updated May 12, 2015

As with any clothing item, bathing suits have drastically evolved over the years. From the wool bathing suits of the 1920s (a sweating-slash-swimming hazard, we'd imagine) to the Pamela Anderson Baywatch cuts of the '90s, the bathing suit has been through quite the transformation.

It's hard to imagine now that the bikini, a swimsuit market staple, did not debut until 1946 (its apparent original home was the French Riviera). It was still common to cover up the belly button when the two-piece first hit the masses, so Taylor Swift -- a frequent belly button cover-upper -- would have been totally on trend.

Watch the video above to see how times have changed, and remember, no matter what you wear, you're always "bikini ready."

Outrageous Swimsuits
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