05/15/2015 05:39 pm ET | Updated May 15, 2015

Horse Tucks Himself In After A Long Day, Takes A Nap

Why the long face?

Because it's nap time, and even horses have to kick back and rest their hooves once in a while. But who -- whether four-legged or two -- can sleep well without being tucked in? Not Rumba the Wonder Horse, that's for sure.

Georgia Bruce, the Australian animal trainer behind Rumba, says she taught the quarter horse gelding the adorable trick of tucking himself in using plenty of positive reinforcement. Positive, indeed: Who among us wouldn't hoof it for a fluffed blanket and comfy pillow?

And what does Rumba dream about, while he's whinnying around in la-la land? Unlimited breadsticks, of course.


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