7 People Who Definitely Shouldn't Give Wedding Toasts

05/18/2015 06:55 pm ET | Updated May 19, 2015

Giving a speech at a wedding is an honor. Unfortunately, many people are not equipped to handle the responsibility.

In a hilarious new video by Pixable, we meet seven kinds of people who should not be allowed to give wedding toasts, including:

1. The guy who just wants to get laid

via Pixable

2. The performer

via Pixable

3. The waiter

via Pixable

4. The passive aggressive maid of honor

via Pixable

5. The overly emotional sister

via Pixable

6. The drunk

via Pixable

7. The poor soul who forgets the bride's name

via Pixable

Watch the video above to see these nightmares in action.

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