05/19/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated May 19, 2015

16 Real-Life Dream Closets From Around The Country


There are closets, and then there are closets.

For people who love fashion, the place where clothing, shoes and accessories are stored is precious. If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in, or better yet an entire room dedicated to getting dressed, well, it becomes more like an art gallery.

Sometimes, they can even serve a greater purpose than just displaying possessions. Kerrie Kellie, a design expert for Zillow Digs, told The Huffington Post about a closet she worked on for a woman whose husband had recently passed away.

"Her husband had passed away. She really didn't want to deal with moving any of his clothes, so we did it all for her. We had one of his cashmere jackets made into a pillow. Once that happened, she was able to embrace the closet and start to move on."

Whether a closet has a touching story behind it or is just unbelievably beautiful, we've rounded up some of the most swoon-worthy closets from around the country that put even Cher Horowitz's to shame, thanks to our friends at both Zillow and Instagram. Take a look below, and excuse us while we plan a move to Arizona.

  • 1
    Pops of color and mirrors make getting dressed way more fun.
  • 2
    Zillow Digs
    A hint of orange, thanks to a stack of Hermes boxes in the signature tangerine hue, in Bellevue, Washington.
  • 3
    Zillow Digs
    Naturally lit goodness in Brewster, New York.
  • 4
    What's black and white and gorgeous all over?
  • 5
    Bonus points for the pup.
  • 6
    A funky fixture makes the room.
  • 7
    Zillow Digs
    With a master bath to boot in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • 8
    Zillow Digs
    A dream island in Dallas, Texas.
  • 9
    Zillow Digs
    Mixed print perfection in Evanston, Illinois.
  • 10
    Once there's a seat inside your closet, you've made it, right?
  • 11
    Zillow Digs
    Traditional beauty in Houston, Texas.
  • 12
    Zillow Digs
    Meticulously modern in Miami Beach, Florida.
  • 13
    Zillow Digs
    Sleek and sophisticated in New York, NY.
  • 14
    Zillow Digs
    Move-in ready in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
  • 15
    Unfinished wood and chandeliers FTW.
  • 16
    Zillow Digs


  • An Open Floor Plan
    Yes, the open floor plan is somewhat of an HGTV cliché, but the incredible flow between the living, dining and cooking areas of this home make it easy to understand why. Another thing we love about this entertaining-friendly space? The mismatched seating.
  • A Cozy Spot To Knock Out Chores
    Utility rooms aren't generally a top priority when it comes to design, but given the largely unpleasant amount of time we spend doing things like laundry, it's a worthwhile pursuit to make it comfy.
  • Hotel-Inspired Guest Quarters
    ...Or, let's face it, a place for YOU to hole up when family's got you stressed.
  • Loads Of Light
    Natural light can keep us sane -- especially during this time of the year -- and a skylight (or three) are just the thing to let it all in.
  • Kids' Quarters Fitting For Adults
    Marble countertops and industrial-style overhead light fixtures belie who this room is really designed for.
  • Painted Ceilings
    We know, it's hard to even notice the ceiling beyond the soaking tub and private patio out back, but luxury is in the details of this bathroom suite.
  • Equally Dreamy Digs For Your Dog
    Because, why not?