05/19/2015 01:57 pm ET

The 'Follow Me To' Instagram Series Goes To India, Where The Fashions Are Crazy Gorgeous

Couple Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova's travels have made them not only two of the luckiest people on earth, but also some of the most interesting to follow on Instagram.

The couple, whose "Follow Me To" series first gained popularity in 2013, has documented its travels to New York, Paris, London and beyond. Now, the duo has captured the breathtaking sights in India.

The photos alone are gorgeous, and a scroll through Osmann's feed could induce wanderlust on anyone, but let's talk about the clothes! Among the scenery, Zakharova is seen wearing a slew of absolutely beautiful garb.

We get that the point of the series is to show Osmann "following" Zakharova around the world, but we wouldn't be totally opposed to seeing what some of those outfits look like from the front.

Head to Osmann's Instagram to see more from the couple's adventures.

(H/T Bustle)


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