05/22/2015 02:08 am ET | Updated May 22, 2015

NPR Publishes Correction That'll Make Your Head Spin

NPR published a doozy of a correction this week. Specifically, a clarification about a correction of a correction -- that actually hadn't been incorrect in the first place.

On Thursday, the news outlet posted a note at the end of an article about the warmblooded moonfish entitled “First In Fish.” It read:

Clarification: In a previous correction on this post, we corrected something that was actually correct. So we have corrected that correction. It had to do with Celsius temperatures.

Poynter’s Benjamin Mullin called NPR’s clarification “the Holy Grail of corrections.”

“Since I started on this beat nearly a year ago, I’ve seen a lot of corrections … But NPR on Thursday published something I’ve never witnessed before,” Mullin wrote.


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