05/22/2015 01:31 pm ET | Updated May 22, 2015

Introducing The Quentin Tarantino Of Uganda: Behind The Scenes Of Wakaliwood

You know Hollywood and Bollywood, but have you heard of Wakaliwood?

Uganda's growing action film industry is spearheaded by an unlikely pair, New Yorker Alan Hofmanis and Ugandan native Isaac Nabwana. The duo is creating kick-ass movies with computer-generated bombings and epic fight scenes that earned Nabwana the nickname "Uganda's Tarantino."

The filmmakers joined HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss how they joined forces, why they shoot in the slums of Uganda and how they manage to keep their budgets hovering around $200. "It's all done through love and passion and, really, for love and entertainment," Hofmanis told host Marc Lamont Hill on Thursday.

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