05/23/2015 05:24 pm ET | Updated May 23, 2015

Johnny Depp Gives The Worst Advice Ever In New 'Black Mass' Trailer

The new "Black Mass" trailer probably isn't for young, impressionable kids, but for everyone else it's a pretty great time.

"If nobody sees it, it didn't happen," Johnny Depp tells his young son in trailer number two, which premiered during the NBA playoffs on Friday. It's terrible advice, not only because it's a young kid receiving it, but also because it's not true. (Nobody saw "The Lone Ranger," but that clearly still happened ... wait, didn't it?)

The good news for Depp is he probably doesn't have to worry about no one seeing this new flick. The movie follows the actor as mob boss Whitey Bulger and has an all-star cast with big names like Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton and Dakota Johnson.

"Black Mass" arrives in theaters September 18.


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