Chinese Goalkeeper Gives Up Goal While Taking Water Break

05/26/2015 02:17 pm ET | Updated May 26, 2015

We hope he at least quenched his thirst, because this Chinese soccer goalie is in hot water for allowing the opposing team to score a goal while he took a water break.

Sui Weijie of Chinese Super League team Chongqing Lifan let Ding Haifeng of rival Liaoning kick the ball into the net after a hastily set-up free kick, the Telegraph reported. Even as the ball went in, Weijie could be seen leisurely gulping down water.

"I made a terrible mistake," he said, according to news outlets.

He was fined 50,000 yuan (about $8,000) for his brain freeze and the team has considered cutting him, the paper noted. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.


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