06/01/2015 04:59 pm ET

This Is What An Honest Commercial For Rec Leagues Would Look Like

Can't tell if you're competitive ... or you just have rage issues.

So you play in a rec league. Who doesn't these days? What's your game -- Dodgeball? Kickball? Inner Tube Water Polo? Maybe you're just there to have a good time and meet people. Or maybe you're trying to relive your high-school athlete glory days.

Whatever reason you're there, CollegeHumor has absolutely nailed the rec-league culture in this new video. You've got the guy who uses the league as a way to express his rage issues. There's the girl who only participates for the Instagram photos. And, of course, there are the people who go simply to drink at the bar afterwards. (So, basically everyone.)

Whether this sounds like you or not, admit it: these definitely are the types of people you "rec" with.


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