06/04/2015 04:12 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2015

Blood Dripping Through Oklahoma Apartment Wall Leads To Grisly Discovery

"Daddy, what is that coming down the walls?" Thomas Kennedy's son asked.

A mysterious red liquid was oozing down the walls of the family's home in the Fairfax Apartment Complex in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

And it kept coming. "I got a sponge, and I wiped it," Kennedy told local TV station KOCO. "Soon as I wiped it, it started coming down again."

Kennedy called the police, who recognized the walls were dripping blood, according to KOCO. They went upstairs and discovered the corpse of a neighbor who had reportedly fallen and cracked his head.

The county medical examiner ruled the neighbor had died of natural causes and the police declared the case closed, KOCO reported. A biohazard team stripped out the contaminated ceiling and walls and the Kennedy family was relocated to a different apartment in the complex.

Let's hope those kids aren't traumatized for life.

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