06/04/2015 04:35 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2015

Please, Take A Seat. This Canada Goose Has Some Things It Needs To Get Off Its Chest.

This goose-whisperer seems to have connected with his flock.

In the video above, a man appears to have a real heart-to-heart with a Canada goose. We're not great honking translators, but we like to imagine their conversation went something like this:

Hey, goose, what's new?

Oh, not much. Just flew in for a conference. Don't have much of a schedule right now, so you could say I'm winging it.

Waddle you be doing with your free time, then? Care to grab a quick bite?

Sure, I'm down for whatever. Maybe a little honky-tonk, if that's an option.

Honky-tonk? Now you're speaking my language.


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