06/09/2015 02:01 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2015

Florida Man Abducts Neighbor For Being Loud In Laundry Room: Police

You're supposed to love thy neighbor, not kidnap them -- no matter how loud they are in the laundry room.

Leon Thurston, 61, of Vero Beach, Florida, faces kidnapping charges after police say he abducted a neighbor at gunpoint early Sunday morning because he felt she was making too much noise while washing her clothes, according to WESH TV.

Jessica and David Scoville were washing clothes in their laundry room at about 5:30 a.m. when Thurston, their next-door neighbor, appeared in the doorway and said they were being too loud.

Thurston was carrying a handgun and a baton. He allegedly hit David Scoville with the baton twice before grabbing Jessica Scoville by the wrist and taking her from her home, according to WPBF TV.

Police were called to the scene and used a K-9 unit to track Thurston and his alleged victim.

Investigators were not able to find the pair, but Jessica Scoville later escaped after telling Thurston she needed to use a bathroom.

She fled and flagged down police officers.

The victim told police that Thurston took her to a nearby park and made her walk around a dirt track for a few hours while they spoke, WPTV reports.

Officers arrested Thurston and found a .22-caliber Derringer in his front pants pocket.

Police said Thurston copped to the crime.

“He stated that he walked around with her and spoke to her to ‘blow off some steam,’" according a police report obtained by "He advised he was not going to hurt her,” but wouldn't let her leave because he wasn't done talking to her.

Thurston also told officers, “He wished he hadn’t done what he did.”

The suspect was charged with armed burglary, aggravated battery and assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and carrying a concealed firearm.

In addition, he is suspected of stealing a bathing suit left on a clothesline on Saturday, according to

He is currently in the Indian River County Jail.

The arrest shocked some of Thurston's other neighbors.

Fran Grocholl to WPTV that Thurston was a take-charge guy who removed fallen trees after hurricanes with a tractor.

“He helped a lot of people. He was the savior of the neighborhood," Grocholl told the station.


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