06/09/2015 09:34 am ET | Updated Jun 09, 2015

Maddow Begs Clinton To Come On Show, Promises Not To Interrupt

Rachel Maddow is trying to nab interviews with all the Democratic candidates for president, but securing a sit-down with the front-runner has proved elusive.

She already had Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on (no surprise there, since she’s become something of a Sanders booster). She’s also slated to interview former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee on Tuesday.

But Maddow said on her show Monday that she has never so much as spoken to Hillary Clinton. The MSNBC host promised to give Clinton -- and any candidate who was willing to appear with her -- the chance to speak their mind.

“I once saw her in Washington and said, ‘Hello,’ but other than that I’ve never spoken to any Clinton -- Bill, Hillary or Chelsea, or Sox or Buddy or any of the other pets,” Maddow said. “You’re all welcome. I’m notorious for not being interrupt-y -- unless you really deserve it.”

Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post.