50 Things You Learn By The Time You're 50

06/09/2015 10:31 am ET | Updated Jun 09, 2015

Each decade of life brings its own joys, challenges and lessons. When it comes to one's 50s, those of us here at Huff/Post50 think they're pretty fabulous. We're not as consumed with little kids and career-forging, and we've figured out what really matters in life.

We asked our Facebook friends to share the single life-changing realization they've come to in their 50s. Here are the most important things you'll learn in your sixth decade.

1. "The only opinion about me that matters is mine." -- Diana Childress

2. "Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and once they tell you, it's hard to see them in the same way." -- Jamie Greco

3. "There is no rewind... you learn as you go along." -- Amy Zai Kaner Levey

4. "It's your life, live it the way you want, not what you think others think you should do." -- Barbara Perry

5. "Knowledge and wisdom are cumulative -- share what you know that will make your world a better place." -- Deb Hosey White

6. "People either want to grow and evolve with you or they don't." -- Lori Day

7. "Who I am on the inside is so much more important than how I look on the outside." -- Vicki Tucker Perrault


8. "Calm the hell down. Most problems aren't disastrous life-changing events." -- Robin Horton Hensley

9. "My happiness is not your responsibility and your happiness is not my responsibility." -- Peggy Nolan

10. "Relationships matter... put time into them." -- Denise Buechter Forsyth

11. "Things could always be worse. Each day is a blessing." -- Boyd W. Wicks, Sr.

12. "I can say NO and feel good about it." -- Debra Peterson Padgett

13. "It really IS true that you have everything if you have your health." -- Barbara Snyder

14. "Life is short." -- Carolyn Rose Milner

15. "Don't take everything so personally." -- Joy Prather Van Holten

16. "Be happy with what you have. Circumstances can change in an instant." -- Rosie Daigle Eaton


17. "Time is a great healer." -- Fiona Morris

18. "You DON'T have to please all the people all the time." -- Karina Hilton

19. "I like me... a lot. If you don't, that's your problem, not mine." -- Betsy Levin

20. "Enjoy the ride." -- Carol Van Wie Quick

21. "Be the best you can, every day." -- Peg Lucier

22. "Find your brave." -- Kathleen Haeg Eckola

23. "50 isn't as old as I thought it was when I was 13!" -- Brenda English

24. "Choose your battles. Some things are just not worth fighting about. Save your energy for those things that are dearly important to you." -- Margo Hailey Hobson

25. "Don't waste your time on the negative." -- Nancy Willis

26. "You can't save the world, so sit back and enjoy the ride." -- Jody Palmer

27. "Keep on smiling... no matter what." -- Joyce Ayotte

28. "Think hard before you open your mouth, especially when you're upset." -- Cheryl Strommen

29. "Things are just things, get rid of them. Don't saddle your kids with a massive house cleanout after you're gone." -- Sally Barry

30. "Always say yes to a dare." -- Garry Deborah

31. "Never say yes to a dare. It is a stupid thing and will get you into trouble. Always say 'you go first and then I'll think about it'." -- Vivian Dobbins

32. "Don't waste another moment trying to satisfy mentally unhealthy people." -- Lisa C. Crooms.

33. "It's not that serious." -- Mel Bynum


34. "Stop talking and LISTEN. You might just learn something new." -- Marsha Magee

35. "I'm okay with being flawed. I no longer need to justify my shortcomings...accept me or don't." -- Mary Hels Jager

36. "No one cares what I look like in a swimsuit anymore, including me!!" -- Karen Valerio

37. "Don't waste one minute of every day you have on the earth. You can never get it back." -- Ardda Hersh

38. "Let it go." -- Margarita Hinksoni

39. "Worry less. 80% of the things you worry about never happen!" -- Barbara Mathieson

40. "Should have looked after myself better when I was twenty!" -- Debbie Lee Spenard

41. "You're never too old to get conned." -- Lauri Andersen

42. "Gravity is a harsh mistress." -- Malinda Sund

43. "It is never ever too late to go after a dream." -- Theresa St. John

44. "Be present. Enjoy each day and moment, for time grows short. No regrets." -- Laureen Lund

45. "Never give your Home Depot credit card to your lover." -- Franci Zalon

46. "That no matter how hard you try your parents are going to do what they want to do as they age." -- Patricia Borosky

47. "Don't make immediate decisions about complex matters. Think things through more. Waiting 24 hours can make a difference. I do my homework now and don't make those knee-jerk decisions I did when I was young. -- Jerri Munn

48. "Keep moving. Open yourself to new ideas, experiences." -- Peggy Hockett-Smith

49. "It's never too late." -- Sheila Greene

50. "Tell your kids you love them every day." -- Shelley Emling

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