06/12/2015 07:54 pm ET

23 Photos That Sum Up Waikiki Perfectly

Waikiki is many things to many people -- everyone's experience there is unique.

And while it's impossible to capture all of Waikiki's glory, energy and history in one photo, these pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.

Because sometimes, postcard pictures just don't tell the whole story. Take, for example, the following:

1. The Not-So-Empty Beaches
waikiki beach

2. The First Time Surfers
As the old saying goes, "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."

3. The Street Styles
You're never fully dressed without a plastic neon floaty.

4. The Always-Empty Trolley
Seriously, who rides this thing?
waikiki trolley

5. The Peace Signs
They transcend language and culture.

6. The Surf Stands
With the most loved longboards around.

7. The Lobby Life
Excuse me, fire breather, can you direct me to the beach bar?

8. The 15 MPH Scooters
With at least an extra person or surfboard weighing them down

9. The Hotel Beach Towels
They may be small, they may not be soft, but they get the job done.

10. The People Watching
Sometimes, people are just more picturesque than the sunsets.

11. The Lifers
You've never seen dedication like this.

12. The Bachelor Parties
Bros. So many bros.

13. The Traffic
On Kalakaua and at Canoes surf break.

14. The Lifeline
If you need it, ABC has it.
waikiki shopping

15. The Moment You Realize That, For A World Famous Beach, There's Really Not That Much Sand

16. The Booze Cruisers
Bottomless POG-vodkas!

17. The Fearless Birds
They're evil, and they're coming for your food.

18. The Sunset Paparazzi
If you don't Instagram the setting sun, it didn't happen.
waikiki sunset camera

19. The Parrot Man
Where does he keep them all?!
waikiki bird

20. The Weddings
+ The wedding photographers.
Credit: Kirsten Gurney

21. The Duke's Crowd
Where no one knows your name, but everyone wants to have a good time.
waikiki dukes

22. The Creepy Hotel Guest Staring Back At You
waikiki hotels

23. The Diamond Head View That Keeps You Coming Back Time After Time
waikiki night

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