Maisie Williams' Reaction To That ‘Game Of Thrones' Death Was Just Like Ours During The Finale

06/16/2015 04:14 pm ET | Updated Jun 16, 2015

Arya Stark may be no one, but Maisie Williams is every "Game of Thrones" fan during the final minutes of Sunday's season finale.

Spoiler alert for Season 5, Episode 10, "Mother's Mercy."

The Season 5 finale ended with the heartbreaking death of Jon Snow as he was stabbed by his brothers of the Night's Watch. Most of us were crying, screaming at the TV or frozen in a state of shock (or a mixture of all three). But how did Williams respond to watching her fictional half-brother get murdered on screen?

Yup, same! The actress answered a handful of other fan questions during a Twitter Q&A on Monday. Williams revealed which "GoT" character she'd resurrect from the dead (R.I.P. Lommy), which cast member is the funniest on set and the other character on the show she'd like to play.

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