06/17/2015 11:14 am ET | Updated Jun 17, 2015

Amish Community Mourns Trooper Who Comforted Them During And After Schoolhouse Massacre

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Several months after the horror of the Nickel Mines shootings in 2006, Pennsylvania State Trooper Jonathan A. Smith would stop by on what would become repeated visits to the girls who survived.

“I was just kind of amazed,” recalls Amos Fisher, who was a great uncle to one of the slain girls. “The young girls that were mauled in the school, Jon would get down on his knees and they would hug him.”

Fisher and others in the tiny Nickel Mines community are mourning the loss of Smith, who acted heroically during the shootings, and then became a hero to survivors and parents for years afterward.

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