Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Unveiled The New (Not Great) Clippers Logo On 'Conan'

06/18/2015 09:52 am ET

So Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer visited "Conan" on Wednesday and unveiled the team's new logo. And it's not great.

Ballmer, who bought the team nearly a year ago following the Donald Sterling controversy, said the franchise had "not a happy history."

"People want a new Clippers. They want a happy ending to this story. This kind of downtrodden thing, with this kind of funny ruler. Boom! Let's switch it around!" Ballmer said, before taking out a T-shirt and hat.

The former Microsoft CEO said they're introducing "the new Clippers."


No, Steve. No. (Credit: "Conan")

It's just unfortunate that this atrocity must come with the new era.

(Credit: Los Angeles Clippers)

The new logo officially launched Thursday. ESPN reports that Ballmer, head coach Doc Rivers and some of the current and former Clippers players will be handing out T-shirts in the LA area to promote the new look.

There's only one appropriate response here.


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