06/18/2015 05:16 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2015

Tiny Dog Speeds To Guinness Record On Her Two Front Paws

Konjo is part Chihuahua and ALL speed demon.

The tiny pooch broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest dog on front paws. Konjo covered five meters in 2.39 seconds, shattering the old mark of 7.76 seconds by celebrity Pomeranian Jiff.

Konjo, from Tustin, California, set the record in December, but Guinness confirmed the record on Wednesday with a video featuring both Konjo and Jiff.

"Her smaller stature probably makes her more agile," Konjo's owner, Julia Pasternack, told Guinness.

Congrats, Konjo.

As for Jiff, he still owns the hind legs speed record. But on front paws, consider the gauntlet thrown, Jiff.


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