06/18/2015 04:10 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2015

102-Year-Old Doesn't Disappoint As World's Oldest Best Man

Fraser McCormick/SWNS

When asked to be best man at his friend's wedding, 102-year-old Dan Clements knew he would rise to the occasion, despite his age. "When he asked me to be his best man I said I would be delighted, and it went from there. I was quite happy to be asked," Clements, believed to be the world's oldest best man, told The West Briton.

oldest best man
Dan Clements and family friend, Heather Dodds.

Clements is a great-grandfather who has known the groom, Sandy Little, for most of his life. Little said, "I've known Dan for most of my life. There was no other choice for best man. It doesn't matter if he was 120 or 102, it had to be Dan."

And Clements certainly didn't disappoint. He organized a bachelor party that included a late night of drinking whisky shots -- but was otherwise tame. He even got kudos on his funny speech -- a must for any good best man. He says he last served as a best man in the 1940s.

The couple were married on Wednesday not far from where Clements lives -- which was a conscious decision made to ensure he'd be able to attend. They were hoping for a quiet wedding, but with the buzz surrounding Clements, it was anything but.

"We're not bothered about the record, it was only pointed out to us at the wedding that he was the oldest best man. It doesn't matter to us at all," Little said. A spokesperson for Guinness World Records tells The Huffington Post that they haven't yet received an application from Clements to be recognized for the record. Currently, the record goes to a 96-year-old UK man who was best man in a wedding early last year.

oldest best man
Dan Clements, best man, and Heather Dodds at the wedding of lifelong friend Sandy Little and his wife Sue Little.

oldest best man
Dan Clements (sitting), best man at the wedding of life long friend Sandy Little (back row center) and his wife Sue Little (blue hat).


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