06/22/2015 09:02 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2015

Heartwarming Cookie Ad Shows That Families Are Defined Only By Love

Costa Rican cookie brand Pozuelo has touched a lot of families with its touching new commercial.

The video shows a little boy asking his father why some Pozuelo-brand cookies are called "Familia," prompting the dad to explain that just as the cookies come in different forms, so do families. He then shares some examples of different kinds of families, like an older couple with pet dogs, a same-sex partnership and a family with a stay-at-home dad.

"When there's love, there's family," the caption concludes.

After the ad debuted, many viewers expressed their support for its message and shared their own family photos on social media, using the hashtag #CuandoHayAmorHayFamilia.

"Thank you," wrote one Twitter user, "for making the different molds of families in our country."

Hear, hear!


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