06/22/2015 03:09 pm ET | Updated Jun 22, 2015

Eerily Realistic Photos Show What Our Cities Would Look Like If 'Star Wars' Invaded

In a galaxy not far, far away, an artist created a series of photos showing "Star Wars" battleships crash-landing on Earth. The results are startling realistic.

Nicolas Amiard, an art director at an ad agency based in Paris, created the photos as part of his "Star Wars" series on Behance. The images show the ships landing in New York City, London, Rio de Janeiro and other major tourist destinations around the world. Thanks to his amazing retouching skills, Amiard's photos look like they've documented real-life collisions.

Scroll through the images below and check out and the artist's Behance profile for more of his work. To check out an actual tourist spot where shots in "Star Wars" were filmed, head to Death Valley to check out "Tatooine."

star wars

New York City
star wars

star wars

nicolas amiard

Rio de Janeiro
star wars

star wars

star wars

San Francisco
star wars

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