06/23/2015 01:30 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2015

Father-Son Duo Brings Breakfast To Life With Syrupy Sweet Pancake Art

Your favorite morning cartoons just got a new look.

A father and son in Melbourne, Australia, are turning beloved cartoon and pop culture characters into delicious, colorful pancakes BuzzFeed reported. Under the name TigerTomato, the duo creates quick YouTube tutorials for how to create these lively little flapjacks. And they are too cute to eat! (Almost).

The creations include classic cartoons, like Garfield and Homer Simpson, but also some newer animated stars, like a Minion and Olaf from Frozen. Check them out below.


Lumpy Space Princess from "Adventure Time"

tiger tomato pancake

Maggie Simpson

tiger tomato pancakes



tiger tomato pancake

Hello Kitty

These delectable works of art are just a short list of the endless possibilities to sketch on your skillet. Batter up!

An Ode To Pancakes