Meteorologist Weathers A Caller's Howard Stern Prank During Tornadoes In Illinois

06/24/2015 05:38 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2015

Because a dangerous situation needs... a Howard Stern prank?

A knucklehead who identified himself as Ryan phoned NBC affiliate WMAQ in Chicago while tornadoes rampaged through Illinois Monday night. The caller said he thought one of the twisters was heading his way while he sat in the back of his tractor-trailer, so weatherman Brant Miller asked him if it was raining heavily.

"Yeah, the wind's blowing really heavily," Ryan answered, "like it's a blast from Howard Stern's asshole."

Miller seemed to understand that he was punked, but the anchors still expressed concern about the caller's welfare.

"We believed this caller to be legit, unfortunately he was not," NBC 5 station manager Frank Whittaker told Chicago media blogger Robert Feder.

As for the caller's safety, he was probably fine -- nothing that a dose of maturity couldn't cure.

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