06/24/2015 12:44 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2015

Here's The 'LeBron Travels All The Time' Video Phil Jackson's Been Waiting For

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson griped this week that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James travels a heckuva lot -- and Jackson has company.

A video compilation of James appearing to take too many steps with the ball is traveling across the Internet. In some cases, it's obvious that he's breaking the rule against traveling, but in others, it's debatable.

The video culminates with footage from the NBA Finals. Whatever you think of James, the clip does seem to show that superstars (and others) sometimes get charitable treatment from the referees.

But that's not surprising. After all, fans want to see LeBron James be LeBron James, not hear officials blow their whistles.


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