06/24/2015 01:12 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2015

5 OMG Moments From Last Night's 'Pretty Little Liars'

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The "Pretty Little Liars" #SummerofAnswers is living up to its name.

In "Don't Look Now," the fourth installment of the series' sixth season, viewers finally got some long-awaited information about the mysterious Charles DiLaurentis, and some hints as to what the liars' tormentor is up to in the days since they escaped his underground prison.

With signature "PLL" style, the show dropped us these precious tidbits in some shocking moments scattered throughout the episode.


1. Charlies DiLaurentis is Ali and Jason's brother.
The deal with the mysterious Charles! Kenneth DiLaurentis tells Ali and Jason that Charles is their older brother, who struggled with mental health issues from a very young age and was committed to Radley when Ali was a baby. The DiLaurentis parents then told young Jason that Charles was his imaginary friend -- a move they had to be pretty sure would mess up his grasp on reality for life. Great parenting skills all around.

2. Charlies DiLaurentis is dead, supposedly.
Because this is "PLL," no revelation comes without a question. We found out who Charles is, but apparently he's dead. Kenneth says he committed suicide while in Radley at age 16. Notably, Kenneth was away when it happened and Ali's mom said she had him cremated, so there's no actual evidence of his death. Jason, Ali, Spencer think they find it when they discover a grave with his name on it at Ali's Aunt's house. Hanna is skeptical that the grave actually proves anything, and -- ding ding ding -- we're with her. Considering the whole "Ali's body was not actually Ali's body," situation, the liars should know better than to trust that a gravestone with someone's name on it means that that person is buried in the plot. (Their reasoning is that the tomb is enwrapped in vines, which suggest it's been in the ground for a while. But um, that doesn't mean there's anything under it.)

3. A leaves a creepy note for Aria.
Last episode, A sent the liars a little "Facetime" message threatening Sara Harvey and showing he's still capable of hurting them all. But it wasn't clear whether his whole stalking enterprise was still up and running after the police disruption. When Aria is in the darkroom developing her creepy doll photos, she finds a note from A, and then discovers she's locked inside the room. This is classic, old-school A work.

(Unless, of course, Aria is somehow A, as many in the Tumblr universe are convinced.)

4. Charles was put away in Radley after trying to hurt Ali.
More Charles info! Apparently he was put in Radley after he put baby Ali in a scalding hot bath and was watching as she got closer and closer to drowning. Kenneth heard Ali's screams and saved her. This is an extremely terrifying anecdote.

5. A has got all the liars' locations on lock.
The Aria note was a clue that A is back in the game, but the episode closes with those notorious black gloves looking at a computer screen with all the liars' locations. The Rosewood Cops are truly inept considering they came upon this guy's literal bunker in the woods while he was in it and still can't get close enough to his identity to prevent him from doing the exact same thing all over again. (They are also inept for several other reasons.) The cop patrol cars left a 10-minute gap between shifts outside Hanna's house -- but luckily gallant Caleb is on the lookout.

Until next week's #EpisodeofAnswers!


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