06/24/2015 10:21 am ET | Updated Jun 24, 2015

Was It A Snort? Bill O'Reilly Explodes At Guest For Making Mysterious Noise

Bill O'Reilly exploded at Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers Tuesday night for making an unidentified noise while they argued over the existence of racism in the United States.

O'Reilly was arguing that he does not believe racism is still engrained in American society. The Fox News host said that racism is not acceptable in our society, and thus it is no longer "an epidemic" that hurts the country.

Powers, however, said that despite it not being "acceptable," racism does still exist in the U.S., arguing that we cannot deny that slavery happened and is a part of the country's history.

So, the two clearly disagreed. That's when Fox News contributor Monica Crowley jumped in and agreed with O'Reilly, arguing that "institutional racism" no longer exists in America. But she said there are still liberal people in the country who hate America for the institutions it was founded on and who "want America taken down."

And that's when it happened. Powers let out a sound that could be heard off camera. Was it a snort? Was it a gasp? We may never know.

"You're making a lot of noise over there," O'Reilly said. "You're snorting out there and I want you to knock it off."

"I am not snorting!" Powers replied. "I just don't know what you guys are talking about!"

Powers affirmed that she had let out a gasp, not a snort.

"No, you're doing a derisive snort and I want you to knock it off!"

"I am not, Bill! Why don't you knock it off?" Powers shouted back.