06/24/2015 04:46 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2015

Weird Things That Only YOU Do ... Or So You Think

It's time to reveal your secret weirdness.

Everyone has secret behaviors they do inside their own head, but will tell no one else about. Do you write invisible things on the ground with your feet? Or count things obsessively? Do you play games in your mind when you're bored?

We all have our little quirks, but you probably aren't alone with your specific idiosyncrasies. BuzzFeed questioned people individually about their secret quirks, and then put them in a room together with people who have a similar weird habit.

Spoiler alert: We're all weirdos.


  • As as fully grown human, you make your own decisions.
  • If you want to ride in the shopping cart while at the grocery store, you can do that.
  • You get to decide what a "well-balanced breakfast" looks like.
  • You're an adult and you say, "ALL the marshmallows in my cocoa."
  • You're my Lunchable now, party tray.
  • Cereal isn't just for dinner, it's also for dessert.
  • You're an adult, dammit, and you eat what you want.
  • You can even make your food do adult stuff if you want.
  • Your parents aren't buying your clothes anymore, which means you get to wear what you want.
  • ANYTHING you want. Because you're a grown up with credit cards and taxes and a big human job.
  • Because worrying if you look stupid is stupid.
  • Besides, you don't have time to worry about looking stupid, because you're a busy adult.
  • You're too busy riding a majestic freaking unicorn.
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  • You survived high school and peer pressure and now you get to look how you want.
  • Decorate your home however the hell you want.
  • Fill that home with handheld video games and handheld alcohol.
  • "I want my Fruity Pebbles in this wine glass, and I plan to drink out of it immediately following these Fruity Pebbles."
  • Sleep in a tiny tent if you want.
  • Or a pillow fort. In the MIDDLE OF THE ROOM.
  • With Netflix!
  • Because you're an ADULT, DAMMIT. Who can build an adult treehouse with lights and beer and a band.