06/25/2015 09:12 am ET | Updated Jun 25, 2015

I Totally Love My Period

Christopher Malcolm via Getty Images

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by menstruation. I learned all about the ins and outs of it when I was in fifth grade. One day, they separated the girls from the boys for about an hour so they could teach us about puberty. The girls watched a video about a girl who didn’t know what to do when she got her first period in the middle of the night at a slumber party. When the video was over, the school nurse answered all our questions and gave us some brochures. I couldn’t wait to get home and read them, front to back.

I practically memorized every line of those brochures. Even at ten years old, I had a type-A personality and wanted to be prepared for “The Moment.” I also read everything Judy Blume had to write on the subject until December 5, 1997 – the day of my menarche. Finally! I was a woman!

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