06/25/2015 05:29 pm ET | Updated Jun 25, 2015

Just Two People Having Sex On The Cannes Red Carpet (PHOTO)

Where the world's greatest movie stars have posed, this couple hosed.

An adventurous pair had sex on the famous Palais red carpet during the Cannes Lions advertising festival this week, and the moment was captured by AdWeek's David Griner.

Griner explained Wednesday in the outlet's AdFreak that he was at a late party on a balcony overlooking the Palais, which hosts both the Cannes Lions and the Cannes Film Festival. He wrote that he spotted the couple coupling and snapped a pic for laughs. The two made love for about 20 minutes, gathered their clothes, and walked away to "a smattering of applause."

"I think the whole thing was oddly sweet and admirably adventurous," Griner wrote. "We all joke about embracing the YOLO mindset, but this one really sets the bar, and a lot of people seem to agree that the couple deserve credit for seizing one hell of a memorable moment."