06/25/2015 07:37 am ET | Updated Jun 25, 2015

Thursday's Morning Email: Supreme Suspense

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SUPREME SUSPENSE "The U.S. Supreme Court is set to issue decisions on major cases in the next few days that will have sweeping impacts for the entire nation. Earlier in the week, the justices decided cases involving the Fourth Amendment and patents. That leaves seven, highly anticipated decisions still to come, including blockbuster cases that could legalize same-sex marriage and gut President Barack Obama's health care law." [Andrew Hart and Kelly Chen, HuffPost]

SENATE PASSES OBAMA'S TRADE DEAL The 60-38 approval of Trade Promotion Authority will grant Obama the "power to streamline passage of major trade pacts with Pacific Rim nations and the European Union." [Zach Carter and Laura Barron-Lopez, HuffPost]

BREAKING DOWN AN AMERICAN'S HOURS IN THE DAY Turns out we worked ten more minutes on average last year, and have been fitting in more time for TV and sleep. We blame Netflix for the uptick in lethargy. [WSJ]

BOSTON BOMBER SENTENCED TO DEATH, APOLOGIZES Following months of silence, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologized for his actions yesterday after being formally sentenced to death. “I am sorry for the lives I have taken and suffering I have caused you and the damage I have done," he said. [WaPo]

SHUTDOWN POLITICS RETURN THIS SUMMER "Democrats’ plan to block every GOP spending bill this summer isn’t a bid for a government shutdown -- it’s a strategy to bring Republicans to the negotiating table before it’s too late, Senate Democratic leaders told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. They vowed that not only would Democrats not crack, but the public would also blame Republicans if another shutdown occurs because it would be GOP leaders who refused to compromise." [Michael McAuliff, HuffPost]

SECOND PRISON WORKER ARRESTED FOLLOWING INMATES' ESCAPE Clinton Correctional Facility officer Gene Palmer allegedly smuggled the inmates the tools they used to escape through hamburger meat. The escaped killers remain on the lam, and the question now is whether or not they are still together. [Reuters]

FORMER ADVISORS WARN IRAN DEAL 'MAY FALL SHORT' "Five former members of President Obama’s inner circle of Iran advisers have written an open letter expressing concern that a pending accord to stem Iran’s nuclear program 'may fall short of meeting the administration’s own standard of a "good" agreement' and laying out a series of minimum requirements that Iran must agree to in coming days for them to support a final deal." As a refresher, here's where the Iran deal stands. [NYT]


ALL THE FALL TV PREMIERE DATES Because you've already finished "Orange is the New Black" and need something to look forward to. [HuffPost]

AMY SCHUMER JUST RUINED YOUR CHILDHOOD PRINCESS ASPIRATIONS Turns out being "married off as an underage teenager" probably isn't worth aspiring to. [HuffPost]

KIM KARDASHIAN TO TALK 'OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN IN MEDIA' "Kim Kardashian is joining a prestigious list that includes Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. The 33-year-old reality star is set to speak to San Francisco's venerable Commonwealth Club next week to discuss her new book of selfies and her famous family." [AP]

RANKING ALL 168 SEINFELD EPISODES Not that you can truly rate greatness, but still. [Vulture]

THE HUMAN FOODS THAT COULD KILL YOUR CAT So ... don't feed them these. [HuffPost]

LEXUS MAY HAVE BUILT A HOVERBOARD We're trying not to get our hopes up. [HuffPost]

QUEEN ELIZABETH, ROYAL PHOTOBOMBER She has a gem for every occasion. [HuffPost]


GENDER EQUALITY: GOOD FOR HUMANITY AND BUSINESS "For Catherine Russell, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for global women's issues, there's an easy answer: Employ women around the world at the same rate as men. 'It comes down to understanding that gender equality isn't just good for humanity, it's good for business,' she said at the U.S.-China Women’s Leadership Exchange and Dialogue (WE-LEAD) forum Tuesday, citing that the U.S. GDP alone would increase by 5 percent if that were to happen." [HuffPost]


BERNIE SANDERS: ENDING CORPORATE GREED "We have got to demand that corporations stop manipulating their shares to reward their executives and billionaire shareholders through the use of stock buybacks. We also must do a lot more to rebuild the middle class, check corporate greed and make our economy work again for working families." [HuffPost]


~ We have major nursery envy over the Curry's room for their second child.

~ Chevy issued a press release in emojis.

~ For those of you over the Cannes Liones tweeting lovefest.

~ The Bobbi Kristina Brown lawsuit filed by her father against her partner alleges serious abuse.

~ Fox News and Sarah Palin have called it quits.

~ A year of unprocessed foods.

~ Ford's plans for when we all stop buying cars.

~ Slack, the one-year-old chat app, had doubled its users to a million.

~ Could Chris Pine be the next Green Lantern?

~ There's a scientific reason you sneeze when you walk into a better lit room.

~ The fake bomb detectors that have cost countless lives and over $800 million.

~ And how the turtle got its shell.

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