06/26/2015 11:38 am ET | Updated Jul 14, 2015

A Day In The Life Of 2-Year-Old Instagram Sensation FoodBabyNY

He's two years old, and he already has more Instagram followers than most of us ever will: 45,000 and counting at the time this story was written, to be exact. His name is Matthew Chau, but he's better known as FoodBabyNY.

FoodBabyNY has become famous for starring in carefully constructed food photos on Instagram, sometimes as many as 10 a day. His parents, Mike and Alex Chau, take him around New York's culinary playground and stage charming photos like this:

Epic food photos accompanied by an adorable child would be hard not to love. But FoodBabyNY's got a special sauce: the winning combination of a little kid who is both outgoing and curious, and parents who are at once relaxed, loving and good-humored.

What you don't see in the Instagram photos is that FoodBabyNY is as spontaneous and full of life as any two-year-old. He loves running around -- in and out of restaurant doors, down the street chasing a dog, and right back to his parents when they call him with a dumpling. He hams it up for the camera.

And he loves meeting his fans -- of which he has many.

"I'm obsessed with your kid," is a refrain FoodBabyNY's parents hear on the regular.

Of course, coming with the toddler territory, FoodBabyNY needs to nap regularly. "Sometimes it's a race against the clock," his dad says.

Everybody wonders what FoodBabyNY's future will be like, since he's only two years old, after all. Well, Mike and Alex have another baby on the way, so at least we can all gear up for some epic FoodBabyNY food fights.

Watch the video above, produced by Zagat in partnership with The Huffington Post, to get a look behind the scenes of this rising -- and growing -- Instagram star. And stay tuned for the next "Day In The Life" video on Zagat's YouTube channel.


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