06/29/2015 07:37 am ET | Updated Jun 29, 2015

Make These Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches, Because You're Worth It

If ice cream is the official sweet of summer, pie ranks as a close second. Luckily, you don't have to rank pie and ice cream, and you can eat them together. As everyone knows, pie à la mode takes pie to new heights.

And, as everyone's about to know, pie ice cream sandwiches take both desserts to heavenly levels.

To make these Blueberry Pie-c Cream Sandwiches, as The Kitchen McCabe cleverly calls them, you'll need flour, sugar, butter and eggs for the blueberry hand pies, plus the vanilla ice cream of your choosing. For best results, The Kitchen McCabe suggests scooping ice cream onto room temperature pies and serving them immediately. Or, you can build the sandwiches and freeze them to eat later.

This delightful pairing means fewer dishes to rinse and more free time to eat pie and ice cream in tandem. How liberating! Get the full recipe for the Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches at The Kitchen McCabe.

Care for some more inspiration for pie-scream inspiration? Why not try your hand at these truly adorable mini apple pie ice cream sandwiches?

Or treat your taste buds to a Floridian getaway and whip up these key lime pie wonders.

key lime

And, of course, you can get real and just smoosh some ice cream between two store bought cookies. Sometimes, ain't nobody got time for making a pie, and that's OK.



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