12 Awesome Travelers on Twitter Who Rock the Planet

As a kid, I remember being eternally excited by the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom series, which went all around the world to study and film animals. The journeys were so sweeping in their grandeur, the narratives so eloquent in their presentation. Today, I get my "global fix" from viewing shows like The Amazing Race, as well as the great work of Travel Channel personalities like the lovable Samantha Brown, the ultra cool Dhani Jones, and the comical Anthony Bourdain.

And, I also get my "global fix" from reading the work of international travelers on Twitter who illustrate our world in a very bold and enlightening way. Below are 12 world travelers who do just that. Enjoy:

@umarket Audrey & Daniel have been all over the world, and have chronicled it in their award-winning travelogue UncorneredMarket. Their global exploration has yielded great human stories, travel photography and street food reportage. In fact, their pictures of Asian mountain ranges (which can be seen here) is nothing short of breathtaking.

@TransAmericas Karen & Eric's fantastic Trans-America journey has gone more than 4 Years, and over 200,000 miles, through North, Central & South America. Their travels have produced awe-inspiring pictures, and amazing insights. It's hard not being impressed with their cool travelogue: TransAmericas.com.

@travelojos When Steven Roll is not doing legal editing at a Washington DC-area publishing firm, he maintains Travelojos, a great blog about his numerous travels throughout Mexico and Latin America. His passion for great food becomes evident. This picture of him above is priceless - he's having too much fun!

In 2008, Christine Gilbert walked away from a major Fortune 500 Company to become a freelance writer - working and traveling to cities around the world. It's truly a great story. Her travels have taken her to 13 countries and over 20 cities. Her aptly titled blog, AlmostFearless, is a great read. It has some great links to other travel blogs.

@craig_martin Craig Martin, an award-winning co-host of the very popular IndieTravelPodcast, a show he operates with his wife Linda. A connoisseur of wine and coffee, Craig has traveled to 5 continents. But, he gets major kudos for living in New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings movies were shot.

@collazoprojects Julie Schwietert Collazo is managing editor of Matador Travel. Her travel stories make for great reading, including one about what she learned from reading John Steinbeck's Travels With Charley. See her work on Collazoprojects, which she runs with Francisco Collazo, her partner in "life, love, and business." The pictures from her travels are awesome.