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October 6, 2015

How Chief Justice Roberts and Four Supreme Court Colleagues Gave the Nation a System of Legalized Bribery

In 2007, with the additions of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito to the Supreme Court, a new 5 to 4 majority emerged on the Court extremely hostile to campaign finance laws. This led to the Citizens United decision and the McCutcheon decision, which together have blown a massive hole in the campaign finance laws big enough for an army to drive through. Citizens United overturned a century of national policy and decades of Supreme Court decisions to hold that corporations could make expenditures in elections as long as they were made independent of the candidates being supported. In other words, today, donors can give and candidates can receive legalized bribes.

Pentagon Calls Airstrike On Afghan Hospital A Mistake

Athena Image

Doctors Without Borders: We Were 'Deliberately Bombed'

Warren's Next Target

Elizabeth Warren

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Texas Executes Man For Murder And $8 Robbery

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Turkey Dragged A Kurdish Man Behind An Armored Vehicle. Then It Got Worse.


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Oregon Shooter's Mother Had Written About Guns Online

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Forget Everything You Think You Know About Latinos

John Leguizamo
Damon Dahlen

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Judge Strikes Down Montana's Lethal Injection Protocol

Krtcrime Crimekrtnational Nationalkrtusnewskrt Mct
MCT via Getty Images

Justice Department To Free 6,000 Prisoners

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SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Clinton Camp Warns Biden: We're Ready For War

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NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Europe Takes Major Stand Against U.S. Data Surveillance

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Comstock via Getty Images

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Democrats Move To Abolish The Benghazi Committee

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Win McNamee/Getty Images

Marco Rubio Explains His Absenteeism In The Senate

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David Greedy via Getty Images

German Authorities Accused Of Playing Down Reports Of Sexual Violence In Refugee Shelters

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Alexander Koerner via Getty Images

Despite Mass Shootings, Republicans Still Won't Touch Gun Laws

Congresscapitolgovernmentpoliticssenatedeb Fischer
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Airstrike Kills Member Of Syria's White Helmets Rescue Team

White Helmets
White Helmets/Twitter

Immigration Activists Turn Up Heat On Obama


Deportation Rates At 10-Year Low... Activists Demand More... Hillary Distances Herself From Administration...

The Worst Cities For Black Americans

Athena Image
David Joyner via Getty Images

How A Prison's Debate Team Beat Harvard

Harvard Prison Debate
Jared Ames

Death Toll From South Carolina Floods Rises To 17

East Coast Rainstorm South Carolina

PHOTOS: South Carolina Underwater

VW Warns Staff Of Impending 'Massive Cutbacks'

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Corrupt Baltimore Cop Begs The Supreme Court To Quash His Conviction

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Andrew Burton via Getty Images

11-Year-Old Tennessee Boy Allegedly Kills 8-Year-Old Over Puppy

Mckayla Dyer

Editor Of Planned Parenthood Videos Worked On Them For At Least 11 Months

Planned Parenthood
The Huffington Post

The Answer The Syrian Refugee Crisis Lies In America's History With Vietnam

Vietnam Refugee Boat
Jack Cahill via Getty Images

Congress Is Waking Up To The Unregulated World Of Daily Fantasy Sports

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Trans Black Woman Attacked, Killed By Group Of Men In Pennsylvania

Kiesha Jenkins

John Kasich Tells Critics Of Medicaid Expansion To Read The Bible

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Instagram Takes Big 'Groufie' To Mark 5th Birthday

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pashabo via Getty Images

Donald Trump’s Anti-Iraq War Claims Still Go Unchallenged In Interviews

Trump Iraq Donald Trump Iraq War Trump Media

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Rachel Maddow: Hillary May Have Just Done Something Big On Gun Reform


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California Adopts Strong Equal Pay Protections

Athena Image
Credit: Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

Officer Fired After Tasing Suspect Who Wasn't Resisting

Tim Claussen

Trevor Noah Points Out Huge Republican Hypocrisy

Daily Show Abortion
Comedy Central

Congressman Who Restricted Gun Violence Research: 'I Have Regrets'

Gun Violence
Scott Olson via Getty Images

'How Many People Died As A Result?'

Kickstarter Just Broke Its Own Rules To Help Syrian Refugees

Ben Carson On Oregon Killer: 'I Would Not Just Stand There And Let Him Shoot Me'

Eagle Councileagle Forum2016 Republican Presidential Primary

Russia Reportedly Strikes ISIS Targets In Historic Palmyra

Middle Eastarchaeological Siteworld Heritagearchaeological Remainsillustrationarchaeologyhorizontalgeneral View
JOSEPH EID via Getty Images

TV Reporter: Weather Conditions Are 'Ideal' For Bombing

Many Refugees Can’t Afford Menstrual Protection. This Woman Is Helping To Fix That.

Conflicthuman Interestpoliticswarworld Culture
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Planned Parenthood Pursues Class Action Suit Against Arkansas

Athena Image


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His Name Is Cayden: Online Racists Taunt 3-Year-Old, Get Shut Down

His Name Is Cayden

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Hollywood Is Finally Realizing It Can Make Films About Lesbians

Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment

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Considering The Ethics Of The Humanoid Sex Robot

Sex Hobbies Hobby Passtimes Passtime Realtionships Realtionship Realtions Toys Toy Business Products Product Manufacturing Manufacture Adult Entertainment Industry Adult Behavior Sexuality Sexual
David McNew via Getty Images

Hey Lauren, Tom Hanks Has Your Student ID

Athena Image
Gilbert Carrasquillo via Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian Poses Nude For Vanity Fair

Athena Image
Ray Tamarra via Getty Images

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The 10 Most Beautiful European Cities To Visit This Fall

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Famed Belgian Director Dies At 65

Chantal Akerman Dead
Jeff Vespa via Getty Images

Sandra Bullock Shares Concerns For Raising Black Son

Celebritiesvenice Film Festival 201370th Venice Film Festivalvenice Film Festival
Jacopo Raule via Getty Images

#Batgate Is Just The Latest Proof That NFL Rules Are Too Complicated

Athena Image
Stephen Brashear via Getty Images

How Much Americans Sleep, Text And Pee Every Day

Athena Image
Peter Cade via Getty Images

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18 Real Things Republicans Have Said About Abortion And Planned Parenthood


'Out in Japan' Raises LGBT Awareness With 10,000 Photos

Leslie Kee

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The Creepiest, Scariest Dessert Recipes For Halloween

Sugar Hero

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YouTube Star Caleb Logan Bratayley Died From Undetected Medical Condition

Caleb Logan Bratayley

Kendall Jenner Goes Braless In Sheer Shirt

Athena Image
Pierre Suu via Getty Images

5 Uses For Pumpkin (None Of Which Are Lattes)

Athena Image
Kristin Lee via Getty Images

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How To Give The Perfect Toast In Only 3 Sentences

Athena Image
Caiaimage/Tom Merton via Getty Images

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Floating Ant Islands Seen After Floods In South Carolina

Fox Carolina

Bella Hadid Embraces The Nipple Piercing And Sheer Dress Look

Athena Image
Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

You Might Be Done With This Burger, But It's Not Done With You

Athena Image
PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

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Interracial Couples Share Insults They’ve Experienced In Photo Series

Donna Pinckley
Donna Pinckley

8 Tips For Overcoming The Fear Of 'Putting Yourself Out There'

Athena Image
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

South Carolina Pastor Defies Cop's Orders, Saves Casket Drifting Away

Matt Alba / News 2

Severely Abused Dog Saved By Facebook Post

Dog Abuse Animal Abuse Animal Rescue German Shepherd Dog Rescue China

Poodle Roo Was A Lonely, Bullied Rooster -- Until He Found His Calling

Poodle Roo Rooster Super Soul Short
Chester Films/OWN

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This Fairytale Town Has No Roads

George Pachantouris via Getty Images

How To Watch The Draconid Meteor Shower

AFP via Getty Images

This Slow Cooker Mac And Cheese Is Game-Changing

Mac And Cheese

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What Experts May Be Getting Wrong About Co-Sleeping

Athena Image
Tetra Images via Getty Images

Claire Danes On Her Ex Billy Crudup: 'I Was Just In Love With Him'

Couple Film Toronto Film Festival
John Shearer via Getty Images

In The Name Of Science, Here's Why You Should Spend More Time Cuddling Cats

Athena Image
Jane Burton via Getty Images

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The Worst Mother I've Ever Seen

Ryan McVay via Getty Images

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