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May 28, 2016

Advice for Divided Democrats

With the Democratic primaries grinding to a bitter end, I have suggestions for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters that neither will like. First, my advice to Clinton supporters: Don't try to drum Bernie Sanders out of the race before Hillary Clinton officially gets the nomination (if she in fact does get it). Some of you say Bernie should bow out because he has no chance of getting the nomination, and his continuing candidacy is harming Hillary Clinton's chances. But if you consider only pledged delegates, he's not all that far behind Hillary Clinton. Next, my advice for Sanders supporters: Be prepared to work hard for Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination. Some of you say there's no real difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That's just plain wrong.

Sanders Calls For DNC Ouster Of 'Attack Surrogates' For Clinton

Bernie Sanders

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Trump Tells Drought-Plagued Californians: 'There Is No Drought'

Donald Trump

NBA Player Bryce Dejean-Jones Fatally Shot After Alleged Break-In

Athena Image
Fernando Medina via Getty Images

Judge Returns Fire At Trump With Order To Release Company Records

Campaign Mexico Political Politics Wall Wealth
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

The Libertarian Party Is In Turmoil Over VP Nominee

Athena Image

After Week Of Hell, Clinton Must Shake Off Troubles To Take On Trump

Athena Image
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Children At Party Injured As Lightning Strikes In France, Germany

Athena Image

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The Top 5 People Trump Could Collar For His VP Pick

Jim Young / Reuters

California Looking Less Like A Sure Thing For Clinton

Bernie Sanders
Bloomberg via Getty Images

'Stockbroker's Bible' Just Told Oil Industry To Accept Its Demise

Athena Image
Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

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Tropical Storm Bonnie Menaces Carolinas

Tropical Storm Bonnie

SQUAWK: Sanders Mocks 'Chicken Trump' After He Backs Out Of Debate

Getty Images

Nate Silver: The System Isn’t 'Rigged' Against Sanders

Athena Image
Alex Gallardo / Reuters

Anti-Trump Protest In San Diego Ends In Fights, Dozens Of Arrests

Politics Election Horizontal Election
MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

WWII Plane That Crashed In Hudson River Was Attempting Emergency Landing

Athena Image
Brendan McDermid / Reuters

How Much Income You Need To Afford Rent In Every State

Credit: National Low Income Housing Coalition

Endless War: Trump And The Fantasy Of Cost-Free Conflict

Larry Downing / Reuters

Superintendent Says Sorry For Letting Kids Drink Lead-Tainted Water

Drinking Fountain School
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

These 9 Counties Are Running Out Of Water

Athena Image
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Inside The Campaign To Remove Trump's Hollywood Star

Athena Image
Chris Pizzello / Reuters

How We Ended Up With Long Airport Security Lines

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

School Kids In Sudan Narrowly Escape Bombing Of Catholic School

Athena Image
Alan Boswell/MCT via Getty Images

Party Chairs See Dramatic Reversal Of Fortune


That Study On Cellphone-Cancer Link Isn't What You Think

Athena Image
Digital Vision via Getty Images

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DONNIE FIASCO: Chaos Spreads Across Trump Campaign

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

BATTLE OF THE BILLIONAIRES: eBay Founder Backs Gawker In Hogan Suit


Inside Peter Thiel’s Decade-Long 'Secret War' Against Gawker Media

Marathon-Running Amputee Vet Found His Footing After Afghanistan

Athena Image
Damon Dahlen/The Huffington Post

Amber Heard Granted Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Says She’s A Victim Of Domestic Violence

Health Experts Warn: Zika A Dire Threat To Rio Olympics

Christ Redeemer

'The End Of The Road For Antibiotics'

Cdc Bacteria

SANDERS STUNNER: Bernie’s 'Scorched Earth' Strategy Gains Steam

Bernie Sanders

Embrace For Hiroshima Survivor Who Wanted U.S. Names On Memorial

Athena Image

Trump's Climate Claims Were Complete Gibberish

Trum Hat

Putin: Romania And Poland May Now Be In Crosshairs Of Russian Rockets

Athena Image

Congress Leaves Town With No Plan For Zika Crisis

Paul Ryan

CDC Head Delivers Emotional Plea For Action

NOAA Predicts More Hurricanes Than Last Year

Athena Image
NOAA / Reuters

Ginsburg Says Supreme Court 'A Paler Place' Without Her Dear Friend Scalia

Athena Image

What Scary Headlines About Cell Phone-Cancer Link Fail To Mention

Athena Image
Jonathan Knowles via Getty Images


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Gorilla Shot Dead After Grabbing 3-Year-Old Boy At Cincinnati Zoo

Harambe Gorilla
Cincinnati Zoo

This Whole Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Mess Went From Bad To Worse

Athena Image
John Shearer via Getty Images

'Ghost' Caught On Camera Browsing Around Antiques Store

Facebookhopkinson Vintage Antique And Arts Centre
Facebook/Hopkinson Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre

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How 3 Badass Women Stopped An Alleged Rape Attempt

Mischief Illegal Secrecy Drug Abuse Spiking Drink
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

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Meth-Addicted Puppy Reunites With The Cop Who Helped Him Get Clean

Meth Addicted Puppy

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Trump Blows Off Sanders Debate, Sparks 'Chicken' Meme

2000s 20032004 Air Date 04032004 Color Comedy Epis
NBC via Getty Images

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LeBron James Jr. Is Headed To A Sixth Straight NBA Finals

Hat Sunglasses Backpack
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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Zac Efron Doesn't Actually Hate 'High School Musical' After All

D2x 57583738
Stephen Shugerman via Getty Images

Emilia Clarke Watched Her Nude 'Game Of Thrones' Scene With Her Parents

Phil McCarten / Reuters

Bill Maher And Bernie Sanders Take Down 'Chicken' Donald Trump

Youtubebill Maher
YouTube/Bill Maher

Justin Bieber's Crotch Grab Completes His Marky Mark Transformation

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Instagram

This Guy Removed All His Teeth To Beat Record For Straws In Mouth

Athena Image
Cathal McNaughton / Reuters

6 Ways Sleep Protects Health

Athena Image
Quiet Noise Creative via Getty Images

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Obama Works His Magic On Crying Baby In Japan

Athena Image
Carlos Barria / Reuters

Real Madrid Wins Champions League After Riveting Penalty Shootout

2016 Soccer
Reuters Staff / Reuters

This Optical Illusion Hugging Photo Will Make Your Brain Melt


10 Retro Games You Loved As A Kid

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Jessica Lange And 'AHS' Are Never Getting Back Together

Athena Image
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

12 Myths About Hearing Loss Debunked

Ear Cant Hear
andras_csontos via Getty Images

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'Glee' Star Mark Salling Indicted On Child Pornography Charges

Athena Image
Vivien Killilea via Getty Images

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This Guy Might Be The Most Polarizing 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Yet

Play Jeopardy/YouTube

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone And Alfre Woodard Share A Potent Message

Jane Fonda Sharon Stone Alfre Woodard Aarp
Nino Muñoz/AARP

This Might Be The Most Racist TV Commercial Ever Made

Racist Laundry Ad

Read This If You Think You Need A Vacation

Athena Image
Andrea Kamal via Getty Images

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Ethereal Photos Show Just How Neat Whisky Dregs Can Be

Ernie Button
Ernie Button

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4 Fancy Ramen Combos You Never Made In Your Dorm Room

Michael Harlan Turkell

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Trump Sparks Photoshop Battle With McDonald's Meal

Instagramdonald Trump
Instagram/Donald Trump

This Minivan-Sized Sea Sponge Is Thought To Be Planet's Largest

NOAA Office of Exploration and Research/Hohonu Moana 2015

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Marine Returns Home And Surprises 10-Year-Old Son At Bat

Sgt Randy Brock Marine Randy Brook Marine Umpire S
Inside Edition

Dr. Heimlich Uses Namesake Maneuver For First Time And Saves Woman

Associated Press

World's Saddest Elephant Dies After 60 Years Alone In Her Cell

Elephant Cage Dies

Watch These Kids Scale A 2,600-Foot Cliff To Get To School

China Students Cliff Climb
Feature China/Barcroft Images

A Plus-Size Model Is Joe Jonas' Video Girlfriend, And It's The Best

Ashley Graham Joe Jonas

WWII Hero Returns For First Time To Where He Fought — And Dies


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8 Surprising Reasons People Are Taking Antidepressants

Athena Image
Jevtic via Getty Images

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Samsung's New Device Is A Blatant iPhone Ripoff

Samsung C5

Police Called After Transphobic Preacher Trolls Teens Outside School

Transgender Protest

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This $1 Cup Could Prevent Millions Of Babies From Starving

NIFTY Cup/Laerdal

Maná Frontman: Trump 'Is Creating Racism Not Seen Since Hitler'

Athena Image
Leigh Vogel via Getty Images

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Stunning Photos Show Tornadoes Sweeping Across Midwest

Athena Image
Brian Davidson/Getty Images