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May 6, 2016

The Supreme Court Is Fixing To Let Political Corruption Run Rampant

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was convicted by a federal jury in September 2014, after he was caught participating in one of the most cut-and-dry examples found in the political corruption textbook. A lengthy investigation proved that McDonnell and Jonnie Williams, the former CEO of Star Scientific, essentially engaged in a straight-up exchange of money for potentially lucrative political favors. Now, however, McDonnell’s appeals have taken his case to the Supreme Court, where — believe it or not — a majority of justices seem predisposed to overturning his conviction, and decimating anti-corruption laws.

7 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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The Morning Email: Paul Ryan 'Not Ready' To Support Trump

RNC Chair Says Trump Will Hide His Views On Minorities Better Now

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Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Supreme Decimation.. Third Party Search.. NC GOP Defiance.. Trump Video Exposes.. No Credit Given

U.S. Economy Added Fewer Jobs Than Expected In April

Men Construction
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Big Oil.. Silicon Valley Diversity.. Corporate Moms.. Climate Change Savings.. Walgreens

Donald Trump Isn't Killing Democracy. Inequality Is.

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Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters

Pope Francis Rebukes Europe: Being A Migrant Is Not A Crime

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POOL New / Reuters

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Turkey Shake-Up.. 43 Missing Students.. Mexico's Monarchs.. Black In China.. Iran Votes!.. Putin's Net

Atheists Sue Congress After House Chaplain Rejects Secular Guest Invocation

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SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Nearly Half Of American Voters Just Want The Other Side To Lose

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Jim Tanner / Reuters

Saudi Prince Urges U.S. Voters To 'Make The Right Choice' On Trump

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Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

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How Dinosaurs Slept In Stages.. 'Chewbacca' Beetle.. A Surreal Sea Creature.. Lighting Helps Learning

North Carolina Republicans Vow To Defy Feds On Bathroom Law

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Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Penn State's Paterno Told Of Sex Abuse Decades Ago: Court Docs

Tim Shaffer / Reuters

Trump Makes Unprecedented Claim On Reducing National Debt

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Ryan 'Not Ready' To Endorse Donald Trump Yet

Donald Trump

U.S. Launches Crackdown On International Tax Evasion

Jim Young / Reuters

Man Rescued After 2 Months At Sea

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Associated Press

Sanders Poised For May Win Streak

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Chris Tilley / Reuters

Gowdy Blames Obama Administration For Benghazi Probe Dragging On

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Russian Orchestra Gives Stunning Performance In Palmyra Ruins


Trump Wades In On Brexit Debate

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Samantha Bee Offers Ted Cruz The Best One-Sentence Send-Off

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Steve Mack via Getty Images

Staggering Footage Captures 'Catastrophic' Wildfire In Alberta

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Handout . / Reuters

How To Help The Wildfire Victims

Police: Please Stop Calling Or Texting This Alleged Drug Dealer's Cell Phone

Facebookcity Of Alliance Police Department
Facebook/City of Alliance Police Department

What Did You Do At Lunch? The U.S. Counter-Spy Chief Made An Arrest

Bill Evanina William Evanina
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

New Documentary Shows How To Prevent Suicides By Gun

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Alex Wong via Getty Images

Emboldened Donald Trump Tells West Virginia Not To Vote

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Aleppo Refugee Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get An Education


Monica Abbott Scores Biggest Deal In The History Of U.S. Women's Sports

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Mark Dadswell via Getty Images

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The Greatest Sports Upset Ever .. Bong Video Overshadows Domestic Abuser .. Manziel Mugshot

The Real Reason Cruz And Kasich Dropped Out

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Jim Young / Reuters

Ex-SCOTUS Justice Tells Senate To Get Moving On Merrick Garland

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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

FBI: Man Sprayed Poison On Food At Michigan Grocery Stores

Kyle Andrew Bessemer Michigan Grocery Poison

REPORTS: Prince Had Percocet In His System When He Died

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Michael Tran via Getty Images

Adelson Signs On With Trump

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Steve Mack via Getty Images

Anti-Trump Republicans Ramp Up Search As Desperation Takes Hold

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Gary Cameron / Reuters

Florida Death Penalty Goes On Trial

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Kim Jong Un Set To Make His Biggest Power Move Yet

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Reid: 'It Hasn't Sunk In' That Trump Is The Presumptive GOP Nominee

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Key Congressman Unsure About Sharing Classified Info With Reality Star

Candidate Gop Immigration Mexico Right Wall Wealth
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

The White House Fence Could Get Even Higher If This Plan Is Approved

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Molly Riley/AFP via Getty Images

Perry Backs Man He Once Called 'Cancer' Of Conservatism

Rick Perry

Activists: Airstrikes On Syria Camp For Internally Displaced Kill Dozens

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Ahmed Hasan Ubeyd/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images


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Meet Your New Han Solo

Han Solo
Getty Images

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Donald Trump's Taco Bowl Picture Hilariously Backfires

Donald Trump Taco Bowl
Donald Trump

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What's The Best Advice Your Mom Has Given You? (We Want To Hear It!)

Gilmore Girls
The WB/Photofest

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Dog Comforts Friend Who's Going Through A Tough Time


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7 NBA Superstars On How Much Their Moms Mean To Them

Athena Image
Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

Think You're Having A Bad Day? Watch What Happens To This Fox

Fox In Snow
U.S. Department of the Interior

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Can You Really Break Your Penis? (And 8 Other Candid Sex Questions)

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Adele Helps Same-Sex Couple Get Engaged.. Rules For Navigating Gay Dating Social Apps

Street Artist Likens Trump To Hitler, Gets Death Threats


The Adorable Mystery Of Where Baby Corn Comes From

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Andrew Bret Wallis via Getty Images

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Fashion's Diversity Report Is In, And The News Isn't Great


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Here's What It's Like When Your Name Is Also 'Donald Trump'

Donald Trump

Thanks To Beyoncé, People Are Thirsty For Lemonade. Literally.

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Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

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Sexist Monument Being Transformed Into An Homage To Women

Queens Women Statue

7 Ways To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

Happiness Equation
Quiet Revolution

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Spring Cleaning.. Diabetes Stats.. Mental Health Stigma.. Salt Intake.. Grief.. Salad Tips.. Sleep

Brave Black Woman Stands Alone Against Hundreds Of Neo-Nazis

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Colton Haynes Says He Is Gay And 'Happier Than Ever'

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Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

How To Combine Sex And Food To Create The Perfect Mouthgasm

Eating Candy
PeopleImages via Getty Images

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13 Movies That Could Define The Summer Of 2016

Summer Movie Preview
Disney/Sony/Warner Bros.

Woman With Breast Cancer Wins Lottery For Second Time In 3 Months


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Boaty McBoatface Loses Out On Ship Name, But People's Choice Lives On

Natural Environment Research Council
Natural Environment Research Council

Target's Special Needs Shopping Carts Are Making An Impact

Carolines Cart

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Massive Nationwide Sunflower Seed Recall Affects 100 Snack Products

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Tom Cockrem via Getty Images

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Your Periscope Broadcasts Can Now Live On Forever


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How 'The Jungle Book' Shaped My Indian-American Life

The Jungle Book

WATCH: Polyamorous Couple Opens Up About Sex With Other Partners

Sex With Other Partners

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6 Things About Getting Older That Don't Suck

Older Diverse Friends
Nisian Hughes via Getty Images

Man Files Restraining Order Against God

God Restraining Order Sistine Chapel
Getty Images/Huffington Post Illustration

No Other Musician Came Close To Taylor Swift's 2015 Earnings

Athena Image
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

How Coach K Started One Of The Military's Most Important Bromances

U.S. Army Photo

How To Make The Perfect Mother's Day Breakfast

Breakfast In Bed
Tetra Images - Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Kerri Walsh Jennings Shuts Down Beach Volleyball Bikini Critics

Sergio Moraes / Reuters