Nearly Broke, Lee Fisher Steps Up Ad Campaign

11/01/2010 01:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

His campaign is almost out of money after he donated $100,000 to the Ohio Democratic Party. He is 22 points behind Rob Portman in the polls.

But at least Lee Fisher is a proud Ohioan.

In a new 30-second ad, Fisher proudly admits that he doesn't have much money and compares himself to Portman, who has spent millions on his ad campaign.

"The bottom line is: I'm an Ohio guy," he says. "And Mr. Portman's Washington. I'll fight for tax breaks for Ohio's small businesses. Portman's for tax breaks for the big companies that send our jobs overseas. I'm Lee Fisher. I approve this message, and yes, we barely paid for it. But I'm sure proud that Wall Street and the Washington lobbyists didn't."

As of October 13, Fisher had $308,631 on hand. With his recent ads and his donation to the Ohio Democrats, this is most likely depleted.

Portman, on the other hand, had $5,505,186 left at the time of the report.

Portman is reported to have taken more money from lobbyists than any candidate in the country. He recently released ads that were personalized for several big Ohio cities. His campaign has spent about twice of what Fisher's has.