05/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Gay Games: Is There a Screening Process?

Recently ranting during his #1 Adam Carolla Podcast on iTunes, The Ace Man presented his solution for screening the straights out of the Gay Games.

For the gay games? Solution? Just walk the line, look at the fellas, all of a sudden you stop in front of one. Your d**k comes out, start sucking... Random Gay Testing! Yeah! It would eliminate any straight jocks from going in there and doing any legal gay bashing in the boxing or wrestling or whatever the hell it was.

I don't know why they would have to televise that part of it, but I would definitely watch. Just saying.. random.. like I said, all the testing, all the stuff they do is always random whatever testing... random pole smoking! It would deter a lot of straight guys!"

Here's the clip:

In contrast to his "Man Show" persona, Carolla has always been a strong supporter of equal rights for gays.

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