06/17/2010 03:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Just Call Me "Rough" and "Tough"

A Moret PR&T from Garet Field Sells on Vimeo.

An internal war wages in my mind each and every day -- writing is the only thing in this world that I truly love to do, but so often it feels like it's the very thing I can't do. While I spend many nights seated behind my Macbook staring at a blank word document, the beat of the cursor replaces the pulse of my heart. It is time to finally summon the words that have arrested my dreams and followed me throughout the day like thought bubbles drifting overhead. I try to write and edit simultaneously but that never works because favoring the "delete" button won't complete the task at hand. Somehow I became a writer -- and an art writer by accident. I live to get lost museum spaces and wait patiently for the art works to unravel, reveal a glimpse of their creator, and surrender a story.

I never thought about why I became a writer or really considered my practice until I was asked to participate in a project, called "Pretty Rough and Tough," that traces emerging talent (creatives, filmmakers, models, actors, etc) in Los Angeles. Subjects are documented via video and vivid photographs in an environ of their choosing and are asked about what inspires them, what drives them to continue working in their field (I opted for the Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax because I feel it's one one of the few remaining sites in LA that is authentic). They are then interviewed about the ideas that inspire them, where they find the drive to continue pursuing their filed, and what they feel makes them "pretty, rough, and tough.

Created by seasoned fashion photographer and designer of Maison des Maisons Garet Field Sells, the project offers an honest glimpse into the hustle of the creative hub that drives our city. While Field Sells' aesthetic is sophisticated and stylized, he thoughtfully captures the personality of each subject. "PR&T" has just been submitted to Kickstarter, an online fundraising platform, where it hopes to raise $10,000 by August 11. With the additional funding, Field Sells would be able to expand his vision with an exhibition of the subjects featured, and create a special edition book with an original essay, and unreleased photos and expanded bios.

I was humbled to participate as the first writer to appear on "PR&T." It was during my interview that I realized just how "tough" the world of art writing can be, and the roughened exterior I have adopted as a second skin. It goes without saying that when you choose to work in a creative field, your work will face rejection. Although rejection shouldn't surprise you, it never gets easier. I'm "tough" because of the criticism my work faces, sometimes resulting in rejection. I'm "rough" because I have to remind myself that there are plenty more outlets out there that may publish my work. Sometimes the publication conveniently files for bankruptcy when payment is due. Despite aggravation, the monopoly of the publishing world, and the demands of deadlines, writing is about connecting pen to paper, and as an old professor of mine always reminded me, "forget everything you know, and then write."

My name is A. Moret, and I am proud to be "pretty rough and tough."

Here is the link to view my interview and the other members of the "PR&T" gang:

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